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We are an experienced team of IT pros who have been providing expert Windows app development services for eight years.

  • Professional Developer

    If you are ready to showcase your app ideas to the world and share your insight with an experienced team of developers, our software development company is ready to get started. Experienced IT professionals with a high level of experience in Windows app Development will enable you to create high-quality applications from the Windows Store and conduct serious testing, publishing, and sharing with users around the world. A comprehensive team of interface designers, programmers, experienced business analysts and strategists, quality assurance professionals. These people become specialized extensions of your in-house team, ensuring project success through deep analysis, solid code and stylish design. Our experts are also proficient in the Windows Bridge tool, allowing developers to migrate Objective-C (primarily iOS apps) solutions to a common program.
  • Development on the Windows platform

    Today's Windows Mobile OS is part of Microsoft's strategy to unify all the families of Windows app platforms. The platform gives PCs greater consistency with the operating system to enable broader content synchronization. Microsoft's idea is to create a common app platform that allows an app to run on all Windows 10 devices, from a PC to a mobile device, to an Xbox-like PC-like interface. It coordinates user experience and functionality across all devices. And as Microsoft announced the concept of "generic Windows apps" in Microsoft Build 2014, our team was eagerly immersed in the exploration of game changers in software development. We investigated Microsoft's new synthesis platform to provide the clients with a unified solution that runs on desktops, tablets and smartphones. We learned how to create and maintain Windows Runtime applications on a personal computer whose code base remains almost the same as the other platforms.
  • Universal Windows Platform

    The common development of Windows platform applications has a set of guidelines and principles that allow developers to leverage interfaces and operating systems and translate designs and codes into all home devices. As for UWP applications that run on all Windows-based smartphones, tablets and personal computers, it's crucial to make sure it looks good on a variety of devices. UWP provides a set of common building blocks and features that help app designers to achieve a great user experience across all devices at the same time. The platform provides adaptive UI controls and a set of shared APIs for different devices running Windows 10.
  • WinRT API

    The Windows Runtime Library WinRT contains information about the essential APIs for developing UWP applications on the Windows 10 platform. WinRT is a markup language-based user interface system that provides the same UI implementation for C ++ developers, .NET and HTML / JavaScript. Your detailed information ensures that the required functions and features are accessed. For example, Model provides a program that accesses basic system resources and handles pauses and APIs that allow you to schedule background tasks and control app models that interact with your phone, such as lock screens, call logs, and a lot more.
  • Windows SDK

    A competent Windows app development crew works with a native Microsoft software development kit, including the latest version of the Visual Studio IDE. Upgraded features include real-time dependency checking, code browsing, IntelliSense, code recovery, and more, saving development time and enabling programmers to build intelligent applications faster. Our team leverages the enhanced debugging and testing experience to ensure that problems are identified and resolved earlier than ever before. Specialized programmers use live-drive testing and exception helpers to reduce the risk of regression. There are also a lot of integrated tools that give our developers full integration with Azure, Docker containers, .NET Core, and more. It is optimized for collaboration and performance because it manages the development team with Visual Studio Team Services, GitHub, and Team Foundation Server. Visual Studio also completed several key enhancements, such as reduced memory footprint, faster response speed, and faster boot time.

Tech Stack

Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for flawless Windows app development. Microsoft invests continuously in a variety of technologies. It supports C ++, C #, F #, TypeScript, Visual Basic, or even JavaScript. With a professional development team, we have access to all available programming languages. C ++ developers offer us solutions that deliver superior speed, performance, and compatibility across multiple devices. Mastering advanced programming languages, such as Python, allows coders to write cross-platform digital products, Web services, Internet stuff and data science challenges. The Node.js experience allows us to build fast and scalable JavaScript solutions.
  • Advantages of developing UWP apps

    The launch of the new operating system introduced the advanced features of software development. Experienced developers leverage new UI features and leverage the system to maintain cutting-edge design guidelines. Let's mention some improvements in the updated platform.
  • Zoom and Effective Pixels

    Programmers use a predefined scale to build a common Windows platform solution that automatically resizes the fonts, controls, and visuals on the screen of the device that is currently running the program. These settings ensure the legibility and readability of all devices. With the help of the integration algorithm, the system adjusts the UI elements to the desired view. It takes into account the distance and screen viewing density (pixels per inch) and ensures that the content of the show is clear to the user. System work allows app designers to use effective pixels instead of physical pixels. Effective pixels simplify the development process because it eliminates the need to pay attention to the model for each specific screen size and resolution. The system itself extends the UI.
  • Universal Input

    The other function of this operating system is a universal input. Microsoft does this through intelligent interaction, which eliminates the need to design applications for certain input models. Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications rely on intelligent interaction without having to define which clicks they are. It can be a click of the finger and a click of the mouse. In both cases, developers can design a click-through interaction. UWP provides useful building blocks such as generic input controls (radio buttons, text boxes, grid views, list views, etc.) as well as a set of default styles (light and dark themes, segoe, standard animation, in high contrast mode and other languages ​​as well as the RTL reading order). Developers can customize these styles to ensure a personalized experience
  • Device Specific Windows Development

    Although UWP applications have effective pixels that ensure the readability and availability of applications on all Windows-managed devices, development teams must customize their digital products to suit a specific device family. You can take advantage of the display space and improve navigation.We have an experienced user interface designer team that ensures users are not wasting space or visuals, whether they're viewing applications on the small screen of a mobile phone or exploring a PC through a PC with a larger display. Other custom features during app development allow programmers to take advantage of the hardware capabilities of the device on which the program is running. Developers can make the program discover available features such as smartphone cameras, position sensors, and more. Even with a common control library, our company also tends to optimize applications by rearranging UI elements and securing certain types of input. Therefore, the navigation elements for the mobile experience are usually located at the bottom of the screen, and when it comes to PCs, the user wants them to be at the top of the screen.

Responsible Development of User Interface

Customizing a user interface with a specific display width means developing responsive design. Microsoft introduced the six responsive design technologies that we are fully aware of.
  • Reset

    App designers can rearrange the elements of the user interface to remind them of where and where they fit into each view. Therefore, the content of the device is located according to the scrolling UI, while the larger screen allows objects to be arranged in a horizontal order, taking up dedicated space due to the greater width.
  • Adjust

    By adjusting the margins, developers can optimize their own structure. As the content structure increases, the reading experience also increases.
  • Reflux

    This technique means that the components of the UI change their flow according to the orientation of the screen. The longitudinal flow will be vertical while the lateral is horizontal. This reorganization fits the device to the best display content. Therefore, a vertical scrollbar on your smartphone can be converted into two columns on a larger screen.
  • Revealed

    Developers can tweak the design to the preferred screen orientation based on the device's support capabilities or the screen user interface. For example, if the device supports a webcam, a webcam icon is displayed, but not where it is not supported.
  • Substitution technology

    The change of the user interface completely depends on the size of the device on which it is displayed. In this case, the dashboard and its compact UI on smaller devices can be replaced with tabs on larger devices to make them more readable and familiar.
  • Re-architecture

    If you want your app to be completely device-specific, app developers may say good-bye to ensure a fully customized architecture.

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