Custom Software Development form Leading App Developers

We are app developers with a focus on custom software development for the specific needs of businesses. We build tailor-made IT products for companies worldwide across various industries. Our efficient development process enables us to deliver quality apps n time and within budget.

Feel that your legacy system is out-of-date and off-the-shelf-solutions fail to cover the needs of your enterprise?

At our custom software development company, we create feature-rich and user-friendly solutions that streamline business process and ensure customer engagement. Our well-versed IT specialists have an in-depth understanding of the industry and build first-class app that not only meet your requirements, but also has in-built capabilities for further expansion, update and improvement according to the ever-changing market environment and customer feedback. Besides designing and coding software products, we offer many other services that include business consulting, analytics, IT support, business branding and more.

Our Wide Expertise

We are proud to represent you our wide experience in all kind of program solutions.
  • Custom App Development

    • Software product development for ISV’s
    • Custom software development using .NET, Java, SQL, etc.
    • Add functionality or build add-ons for existing apps
    • Performance tuning
    • Existing App maintenance
    • Enterprise Integration and SOA
    • Migration of legacy applications
    • Mobile App development (native & cross-platform)
    • Cloud application development
  • Digital Enterprise

    • Microsoft Azure development
    • Cloud Consulting
    • Cloud Migration/Deployment
    • Cloud Maintenance & Support
    • Cloud Hosting
    • Build cloud enabled, multi-tenant applications
    • IAAS, PAAS and SAAS enablement
    • Process optimisation and DevOps
    • Office 365 Deployment & Customization
  • Testing, BI and Visualization

    • Independent Testing Services
    • Performance Testing
    • Automation Testing
    • Regression Testing
    • Business Intelligence (Power BI, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS)
    • Data Warehousing
    • Data visualization using Power BI

Technologies We Utilize

  • Front End
    • JS6
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
  • Mobile
    • Xamarin
    • PhoneGap
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Windows
    • Apache Cordova
  • Back End
    • Microsoft .NET
    • Node JS
    • PHP
    • Java
  • Database
    • Accumulo
    • mongoDB
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • ORACLE Database
  • Efficient Software for Thriving Business

    If you feel that your business needs some truly innovative ideas and probably a bespoke app to streamline the process, you have found the perfect team to help you with the job. Magora is a custom software development company that has worked with many internationally recognised brands and local companies, accumulating a broad expertise that includes:
    • First-class native application development
    • Bespoke software design for various industries including Finance, Retail, Education and other areas of business
    • Solid background in delivering software with scalable architecture that can support heavy increases in traffic load
    • Almost 10 years of experience in providing DevOps services to organisations of all size
    • Efficient approach based on IT Infrastructure Library and the latest frameworks that can be adjusted to the specific needs of your enterprise
    • 350+ successful projects delivered
    • We guarantee advanced data security and safety for all our products with our unique four-dimensional approach
    • Quality assurance throughout all stages of development and only best development practices
    • Seamless communication with the client aimed at establishing long-term partnership based on mutual benefits and trust.
  • Perfect Extension of Your In-House Development Team

    In the today's ever-changing reality of the market, it is quite possible that you need to develop a full-fledged solution within a tight timeframe. When it comes to in-house development teams, they often lack expertise in certain areas of IT or the manpower to accomplish the project on time and in compliance with the quality standards. We offer such organisation a unique chance to get the industry-leading experts to contribute their broad expertise to their projects, working along with your team either on the premises of your company or offshore.
  • Why Your Business Might Need Custom Software Development

    We help businesses take the full advantage of the latest technologies, boost sales and increase productivity through top-notch digital solutions built by our talented experts. If you face any of the challenges mentioned below, you without a doubt need to incorporate enterprise software to streamline your company’s workflow:
    • You want your employees to be able to access corporate data on-the-go
    • You fail to meet deadlines and do not have enough workforce to manage all routine tasks
    • You need assistance of IT professionals to help you develop a business strategy and deliver quality software
    • You are looking for app developers who offer affordable and flexible solutions customised for the needs of your company.
  • Native Mobile App Development

    The modern business world does not stand still - it changes at a fast pace, and the highly competitive environment urges businesses to increase their mobility. In the today’s world, you have a unique opportunity to connect to billions of customers who own smartphones and tablets from which they access the Internet every day. Magora developers can help you design a first-class mobile app from scratch or modernise your existing software to make it appealing, user-friendly and feature-rich. We have a seamless software development process that enables us to join in at any stage and ensure consistency, high quality, seamless functionality and timely delivery.

How We Can Help You Increase Mobility

  • Full cycle mobile app development
  • Custom mobile app development
  • Ap re-design and re-vamp
  • Mobility for websites
  • Mobility for applications

Smartphone and Tablet Services We Provide

  • Mobile strategy consulting
  • UX/UI design
  • Native app development
  • App testing
  • Support and maintenance
  • Consulting and Development

    Magora navigates its client through the exciting world of mobile technologies, helping you create efficient mobile strategies and full-fledged business plans for mobile solutions, as well as to leverage the best technologies and design trends. We have cross-industry expertise of utilising cutting-edge services, approaches to client engagement and tools for software integration that accelerate business innovation, deliver long-term value to your company and help your app become a steady source of income. Moreover, we never abandon the project after it has been coded and designed - we continue to improve and update our products to ensure that they grow along with your business, meet the expectations of your customer and have no bugs, crashes or other issues.
  • Mobile App Development Process

    • Ideate
      • Conceptualize
      • Brainstorming and discussions
      • Finalize on scope
    • Proposal
      • Choose appropriate model
      • Determine inventory
      • Define the reusable components
      • Select the platform
    • Prototype design
      • Develop the prototype
      • Incorporate the UI design
      • Verify the outcome of user experience
    • Development
      • Prototype to full-scale product
      • Integrate non-functional needs
    • Testing of product
      • Internal hosting environment
      • Publish over the Air
      • Make the necessary changes
    • Publishing the product
      • Publishing to the store
      • Support and maintenance
  • Legacy System Modernization

    Technologies constantly evolve, the new trends come to replace the old one ht a quickly become obsolete, and to make sure that your business operate at its full power, you need to regularly audit your legacy system. If you have found that your software does not meet the latest standards and fails to meet your business needs, it is high time you modernized it - and we can help you do it!
    Why Outdated Software is Bad for Your Firm
    • Developing and deploying new corporate software takes much time and money
    • THe employees need a lot of time to get accustomed to the new software, as well as there is a need to create new documentation that would describe the workflow within the new apps
    • You need to transfer huge amounts of data from the legacy system to the newer program
    • Many disparate software programs and tools may result in poor productivity, it is always better to have an integrated system with all tools in one place.
  • Software Audit and Update

    Magora experts will take the time to get an in-depth understanding of your business process, strengths and weaknesses and help you eliminate all the problems through update and integration of all your corporate instruments. Improving your existing apps and empowering them with top-notch technologies, ensuring that everything perfectly fits into you business, we will build a secure and stable solution that will add value over many years of business growth that awaits your company in the future.
    Legacy Migration and Reintegration
    Our experts will review your system, evaluate its effectiveness, estimate cost and find technologies that are most suitable for your purposes to create a comprehensive plan that matches the requirements and solves the current challenges your organisation might face. The process of legacy migration and reintegration typically consists of five stages:
    1. Identify appropriate technology
    2. Analysis and assessment of legacy system
    3. Complete database analysis
    4. Program analysis affinity to produce new business functionality
    5. Prepare migration map
  • Get in Touch

    Our software developers have a wide experience in delivering successful solutions to companies of all size across different industries. Maogra’s team of talented designers, skilled programmers, expert business analysts and other qualified specialists can help you with the following services:
    • UX/UI design
    • Graphic design
    • Website design
    • Business logo creation
    • Application testing
    • Native mobile app development
    • Custom enterprise software development
    • Search engine optimisation
    • Responsive website design