Success Stories


a social media iPhone app

A social media app for a well-known news and entertainment European portal with over 80 million visits per month was one of other recent projects. We developed an iPhone application with seamless social media integration which allows users interact with the app content, while editors can efficiently manage user-shared content and subscriptions.

a fitness app with “personal trainer” functionality

Young but very active entrepreneur wanted to design an app that could work as a personal trainer and help users to manage their workouts. The app is aimed at two type of the audience: fitness trainers and their clients. For the first group, it is a useful tool to schedule training with clients, create individual programs, monitor clients’ progress, and chat with them. For clients, it is an informative and educational app that displays their programs, tutorials, record their progress, and a convenient way to contact their trainers.

an educational and entertaining app that collects valuable data and promotes customer company brand

Food delivery is getting more popular, and one of forward-looking restaurant decided to simplify their customers’ life with a web app that can take an order in two clicks. We created an app which provides users menu and price information that can be easily modified with the integrated content management system. Users can not only view menu and process orders, but also pay for their orders online. Adaptive design makes web app good-looking and intuitive on any device from smartphones and tablets to laptops and PCs.

a mobile magazine app for women

Our client has an informative and entertaining website for women where users can find articles on numerous topics, some advice, tutorial videos on such topics as how to make up for the evening party, or how to make a casual hairstyle and many other interesting and useful tips. The client approached us with an idea to go mobile. So we developed a mobile app for the determined target audience with streaming videos, regularly updating articles and social media features, such as the ability to ‘like’ and ‘share’ the article or video via Facebook and Twitter

an interactive iPhone calendar app

One of our projects was a daily planning tool with elements of social networking app. Users can create events, make a schedule and inform their friends about coming occasion, invite them to participate. It is a simple app easy-to-use and with and personalized interface design. Users can choose a background including their pictures and select a font. Besides, it is also very functional tool to organize and manage your time. User registration is simplified by the ability to log in with Facebook or LinkedIn accounts.

an app to organize and manage couriers’ work

A shipping company app approached us to create an iPhone app for their couriers based on the functionality of their web portal. We developed an app backed up to the portal data, so it provides real-time information on tasks status and updating. Via our mobile application, couriers can select the tasks and help the company to track their status. This app significantly simplifies couriers’ work by providing an efficient mobile solution. The app also reduces paperwork thanks to integrated e-signature feature.