Delanco: We Develop Powerful iPhone Apps

Delanco is a US-based IT consulting and software development firm which delivers high-value and cost-effective iOS solutions implementing top-notch technologies. Our app development company was founded in 2010, and since that time we have delivered over 400 projects for our clients from various industry sectors. We highly value our customers and their project ideas striving to embody their creative thinking into an efficient and resultative tool that makes your business grow. Our team has sufficient expertise to develop sleek business apps, smoothly manage the project, and expertly deploy all the necessary tools, frameworks, and skills to provide our customers with on time and on budget iPhone application.

What makes us a perfect business partner

  • Communication

    Our team has exceptionally good communication skills. To simplify and improve interaction between your company and our developers we provide you a dedicated and experienced project manager who become your eyes, mouth and ears in our company. This person translates your requirements to our developers and keeps you informed about any progress. We believe that your feedback is critical for project success and that is why we regularly get in touch with you and deliver the results for your estimation.
  • Development Methodology

    We use only proven development methodologies which are one of the fundamental factors responsible for delivering quality software. After careful analysis of your project objectives, complexity, specific requirements and other aspects we select the most suitable model of the development process to reduce your costs and time to market. We are competent in both ‘waterfall’ and ‘agile’ methods of development and can benefit from both of them depending on your project specifications.
  • Quality assurance

    The paramount importance of app quality, especially for iPhones considering Apple’s strict pre-launch review, is obvious for us. That is why we created a QA department which is engaged in app estimation and testing from the very beginning of the development. QA experts start the thorough analysis of your app project as we set your requirement. They are looking for potential pitfalls and the ways of their elimination. Throughout the development process, we test app performance, security, stress resistance, usability and other characteristics to ensure that it will work smoothly and provide great user experience.